VMLink© is a real time, secure virtualization appliance, designed to provide cloud like computing to organizations that need to bring a centralized computing experience to mobile clients or environments where thin clients or mobile terminals are preferred.

Standard Hyper-Visors introduce several vulnerabilities:

  1. Host Dependent.
  2. If the host machine has a problem then all the VM’s could potentially terminate. Leaving your entire environment off line.
  3. Compromise of the host makes it possible to take down the client servers hosted on the primary host machine.
  4. If the virtual network is compromised then the client & host is also compromised.
  5. Client share and host share can be exploited on both instances. Potentially this can lead to files being copied to the share that fill up the drive or allows the download of a functioning image.
  6. If a hacker or someone looking to do harm was to obtain a working image, tracking it would prove impossible.

Tango © is built on Qubes OS and Microsoft’s Terminal Server Embedded. Since there is no actual data passed from the host  internally or externally to the client, the above  vulnerabilities do not exist. The embedded operating system gives the appliance security while giving the user a zero learning curve, familiar desktop interface. Tango also employs an emergency fail over feature to ensure little to no downtime in the event of a catastrophic hardware failure or in conditions where physical connection is not available. Tango comes in three editions, business, government and ASP. Below are the specs for all editions.

Tango © has quickly become one of the most widely used solution, due to the NO KNOWLEDGE NEEDED design. There’s no maintenance required it’s not hackable, exploitable, infect-able and updates are free.

Note: Tango is sold license free. You will need to purchase any licensing necessary for your organization within 180 days. Tango is 100% compatible with all Retail Licenses and VL agreements.