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Introducing Tango X4

ATTENTION: 11/21/2016 Tango X4 ver 2.2 Available now. Please call now for update information.

Tango X4 Enterprise Law Enforcement edition is now available. Enterprise Business edition is also now available. The new revamped appliance has some new great features, but comes with the stability and reliability that only Tango can bring. Look below for the new specs and features.

Intel Extreme processor.
Smaller GREEN Design
Support for up to 32GB Ram
Support for (New HP-Raid 6)
New Windows 7 style desktop with enhanced desktop features
25% Faster with better memory handling
Enhanced user security and better internal protection
DMX Cloud backup interface services now built in
Support for more printer types, including label and ID card printers
NIMS Compliant

(Patented built in features)
ITV- Basic TV Services
ESF – Emergency Service Failover