Introducing Tango X4

Tango X4 Enterprise Law Enforcement edition will be available on July 18th, 2014. Enterprise Business edition will be available on July 30th, 2014. The new revamped appliance has some new great features, but comes with the stability and reliability that only Tango can bring. Look below for the new specs and features.

Support for Multi-Core i7 & Intel Extreme processors.
Smaller GREEN Design
Support for up to 32GB Ram
Support for (New HP-Raid 6), plus original Raid 5, 10 & 50 Arrays consisting of up to eight (8) conventional Hard Disks or SSD’s
New Windows 7 type desktop with enchaned desktop features
25% Faster with better memory handling
Enhanced user security and better internal protection
DMX iCloud backup interface services now built in
Support for more printer types, including label and ID card printers


Well lets face it, anyone can make a shiny website with tons of flashy graphics and claims. Dynamatrix has been the leader in developing and implementing technology and services for over 20 years. Our top notch employees and engineers, build technology to your ever changing environment. If it’s not available, well invent it, build it and deploy it for you ourselves.


Our in house certified MCSM’s & RHCE’s work directly with the manufactures to get you the answers you need. If the technology is not commercially available, our RDE team will create, build and deploy it. Why wait for things you want, to become available when you can have them now.


After hurricane Katrina & Sandy, we realized that the first services to fail were the ones most needed. We needed to find a way to keep mission critical businesses and municipalities running, even during the worst of conditions. Dynamatrix Corporation is the first and only IT company to bring essential emergency services such as TV, data, phone and voice to out Tango customers FREE of charge. These service allow tango users to work autonomously in the event that conventional services are not available.


  • Access to on demand network news channels and programing.
  • Basic IN/OUT phone services.
  • Voice Communications VIA our award winning VCIP services.
  • On Demand data services via SHIFT a feature in every Tango device.

So don’t find yourself in the dark, when emergencies strike.

Keeping up with growing economic concerns

In the midst of growing economic concerns, Dynamatrix unveiled a new addition to it’s flagship Tango product line. Tango Online!, a virtual hosted version of the Tango appliance. This new addition is geared toward helping businesses and government agencies with just a few employees, get virtual or cloud like computing technology in a more cost effective manner. It will be delivered via a subscription service and has all of the same features of the full blown appliance. For more information or a live demo, contact one of our qualified Tango representatives. at 215-945-8355…

Tango is currently being used and endorsed by many state and  local law enforcement agencies, to help bring real time essential services into their mobile environment. Thus increasing productivity and officer safety.

Economy Friendly Services

Get the service and support you need, without breaking your budget. Low service rates, affordable support and no excuse answers, have kept DMX the top choice in Business, Municipal Government and Law Enforcement for over 15YRS!


DMXUSA, provides a one stop solution to all of your MIS or IT needs. Our secure servers provide web and e-mail hosting for Government, Law Enforcement as well as medium to large business. Our network service team is Microsoft, Apple and Linux certified to help your business grow, without delay.


DMXUSA is a value added reseller for small, medium and high end workstations and servers. Our preferred product line includes HP, Acer and Compaq. In addition upon request we can also build our own workstations to your specifications to ensure the best compatibility for special software requirements. For enterprise business we provide off-site backups, secure mail services, SQL, MYSQL and .NET Web applications. As Internet threats emerge and evolve, DMXUSA will continue to be at the leading edge of technology.

Certified Government Networking

Tango Cloud Services

Tango CLOUD based server services, are the next step in virtual computing. Take your office with you everywhere. Imagine an office with no servers, or expensive software. Users can work from an office, home or on the go, which promotes productivity while letting you access your network any where in the word. Using technology designed, built and run in the US. No third parties, are involved in the implementation of Tango products, which makes them more secure than Amazon, Google or other third parties who have all been hacked at some level several times this year alone.

  • Streaming HD Video
  • Access to photos, documents and more.
  • Secure access from anywhere no client software needed.

With plenty of room for expandability and flexibility, our services are unmatched. With redundant 50Mbit circuits, speed will never be a concern. Multiple servers with automatic fail over means, you’ll never have to worry about downtime due to repairs or failed components. It’s three steps easy…

Step1 – Select a Size for Your Cloud Server
Cloud Server sizes are measured by the amount of physical memory reserved for your instance and range from 100GB up to 1TB.

Step2 – Select Your Operating System
Choose from a variety of popular 64-bit Linux® Distributions—Ubuntu, Debian, Gentoo, CentOS, Fedora, Arch and Red Hat Enterprise Linux—or Windows® Images—Windows Server 2008, 2011,2013. You can also add a MySQL, MS SQL or Oracle Server 2008 R2, 2011 or 2013 database to your Windows image.

Step3 – Your Server is Online in Just a Few Minutes
Using our online control panel and API, each Cloud Server can be upgraded or removed as your needs change. You can even manage your Cloud Servers on-the-go via your Android, iPhone®, iPad® and iPod® touch

Call 215-945-8355 today, and talk with a cloud based sales associate, that can help you decide which service best fits your needs.